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Established on Nov. 19, 1999, our company is one of the largest electric energy meter R&D and manufacturing enterprises in China with the title of hi-tech Enterprise of Guangdong Province and Zhuhai Manufacturing science and technology enterprises Enterprise. We devote ourselves to professional research, production and sales of all series of electronic meters, concentrator, intelligent terminals, prepaid watt-hour meter products electricity selling management system, remote automatic meter reading system, power marketing technology support system and related electric power automation system, to provide overall solution for electric power company and to realize automatic power grid equipment copy reading, payment of fees, analysis and processing, intelligent monitoring, telemetry and telecontrol and other powerful service function. Therefore, the automation and intelligence of the whole power grid management are realized.

In recent years, our company has succeeded in developing and promoting smart water meter, smart heat meter, smart gas meter, smart home system and smart city system in many cities of China, which realized the automation management of smart, healthy and safe home and city comprehensively.

All products of the company are developed independently with complete independent intellectual property rights and strong market competitive ability, and they have been widely used in the national grid company in China and several southeast Asian countries. In fact, our earliest sold electronic meters have been in operation for sixteen years with high reliability, stability and accuracy. More than five million single and three-phase watt-hour meters and the related remote automatic meter reading system as well as the marketing technology support system have been sold to Vietnam national grid company (EVN). In EVN’s on-site detection per year, our products are qualified all the time. And the products of our company are top in the field of international watt-hour meter products.

Constantly, our company also has focused on talents introduction and training. We have one product technical development center located in the headquarters of Zhuhai City. Meanwhile, we also cooperate with University of Science and Technology of China to set up the second product technical development center together in Hefei City with many talents with doctor’s or master’s degrees in major of electronic and communication engineering and so on. Our company recruits outstanding graduates from key universities to inject new vitality for enterprise development.

网易彩票 Our company has a production capacity of annual output of more than 20 million watt-hour meters and other products, and pays attention to the upgrading of the experiment and production testing equipment and the introduction of advanced technology. We have advanced laboratory of high reliability, metering and testing laboratory with high accuracy, automatic welding workshop, automatic assembly and aging workshop, etc. Advanced microelectronics technology and electrical automation technology are adopted in the production process, with strict implementation of ISO9001:2000 quality system management standards and selected raw materials of the long life and high reliability. From the source to the factory after-sales service, each link strictly controls quality, to achieve long-term, stable, reliable and accurate operation of products.

Customer first, efficient, thoughtful and high-quality service concept runs throughout the company. Hard struggle for 16 years has created the enterprise culture of "objectivity, passion, innovation, responsibility, quality, integrity, customer", which determines our success and honor. We will reward friends all over the world for their support and trust by our better quality products and better services.


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